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Nov 20, 2018

The staggering clinical trial failure rate of experimental drugs indicates that despite huge investments in novel technologies over the years, productivity gains in the pharmaceutical industry remained elusive. It is therefore generally agreed that the current biopharma model is unsustainable and disruptive approaches are needed to remedy the status quo.

The biopharmaceutical industry is looking towards artificial intelligence (AI) to speed up drug discovery, cut R&D costs, decrease failure rates in drug trials and eventually create improved medicines. At last count (May 2018), there are about 81 Startups and 19 Pharma companies using AI for drug discovery (2).

In part 3 of this series of 3 episodes, we discuss Emergent Intelligence - A new paradigm for drug discovery

Original article by Dr Anton Fliri, Dr Palaniyandi Manivasakam, Dr Shama Kajiji, Dr Gerald Lushington and Dr Rathnam Chaguturu

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