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Jun 12, 2018

Inbred mice are critical tools in biomedical research and one particular strain, known as C57BL/6 (Black 6 or B6, for short), is rapidly becoming the standard model for many applications and revolutionising modern research.

Understanding the B6 mouse, its origins, characteristics and potential is required to make full and appropriate use of this model in research and drug discovery.

The B6 mouse is a versatile and powerful tool in preclinical research. These mice form the basis for many research models, including those in the fields of metabolic disease, obesity, diabetes, immune disorders, immuno-oncology and neurobiology, among others. No single animal model is as versatile as the B6 mouse, and its power is enhanced by the rich diversity of genetically-engineered models (GEMs) on the B6 background. These combined properties make the B6 a vital tool for research efforts throughout the spectrum of drug discovery and development.

This article was written by Dr Philip Dubé

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