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May 30, 2023

This is the latest episode of the free DDW narrated podcast, “Innovating now to reinvent the future of drug discovery”. It covers three articles written for Volume 23, Issue 2 – Spring 2022 of DDW. They are called “Predictive biomarkers in the age of spatial biology”, “Exploiting the microbiome to drive nature – inspired innovation”, and “Animal research: reinventing the norm”. 

In the first article, Ori Zelichov MD, VP Clinical Development at Nucleai, shares insight on the relationship between predictive biomarkers and spatial biology.  

In the second article, Dr Sven Sewitz, Director of Biodata Innovation at Eagle Genomics, talks about the need for more effective data and process management to get the best from microbiome data. 

In the third article, FRAME Education and Outreach Manager Amy Beale discusses how current legislative and regulatory requirements for animal research could be strengthened to help prevent animal experiments and accelerate change. She also considers the factors influencing the lack of change within animal research.