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Feb 25, 2022

The latest episode of the free DDW podcast is titled “A comprehensive analysis of European biotech”. It covers three narrated articles written for Volume 22, Issue 3 – Summer 2021 of DDW, read by Megan Thomas.  

The articles are “Innovation and opportunity within Europe’s biotech sector”, “Europe’s emerging biotechs: Challenges, opportunities and funding”, and “Why Switzerland continues to punch above its weight as global biotech hub”. 

In the first article, Lu Rahman introduces a slice of European biotech expertise. In the second, John Macdonald of ICON examines the European biotech sector’s expertise, opportunities and potential for growth. In the third, Lu Rahman spoke to Michael Altorfer of the Swiss Biotech Association, Jan Lucht of scienceindustries, Claude Joris of BioAlps, and Carole Delauney of swiss