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Jan 8, 2019

Antibiotic resistance is at a crossroad. In the world today, deaths in low income countries from Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) are predicted to rise dramatically by 2050. We know how to stop this disaster, and some steps are being taken in the right direction. Will these steps be enough?

Antibiotics for Critical Priority bacterial Pathogens are in the clinical trials stage, but, overall, the pipeline is described by the WHO as inadequate. Combinations of antibiotics and rejuvenation of old antibiotics are appearing in development and have potential alongside new chemical entities and new classes.

Universal access to new antibiotics by both the rich and the poor may be feasible, but universal stewardship will be a difficult problem to solve. Long-term solutions, particularly for antibiotic development by the pharmaceutical industry are proposed in this episode.

Original article by Professor Anthony Coates and Dr Yanmin Hu

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