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Jan 29, 2019

For many years, immunology and oncology operated as separate disciplines within drug discovery. However, recent advances in immuno-oncology (IO) have demonstrated what can be achieved when the two disciplines join forces in developing novel treatments for patients.

From checkpoint inhibitors to CAR-T cells and model selection designed to reflect more personalised medicine approaches, immuno-oncology is shifting how both immunologists and oncologists approach drug discovery and development.

In this Q&A, Dr Julia Schüler, DVM, Research Director at Charles River, which specialises in oncology, and Dr Louise Brackenbury, Principal Scientist for Cell Biology at Charles River’s newly acquired KWS BioTest, which specialises in immunology, will provide their unique perspectives on the ways in which IO is reshaping the industry.

Original article by Dr Julia Schüler and Dr Louise Brackenbury

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