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Sep 22, 2022

This is the latest episode of the free DDW podcast, “China’s opportunities for global drug discovery breakthroughs”. It covers three articles written for Volume 22, Issue 4 – Fall 2021 of DDW, narrated by DDW Multimedia Editor Megan Thomas. They are called “Is China entering a new phase for drug discovery?”, “Finding drug discovery opportunities in China” and “Why biotech in China offers global opportunities”.

In the first article, DDW Publishing Director Lu Rahman explores the Chinese pharmaceutical landscape and what the new era of drug discovery is starting to look like in the country. In the second article, Dr Henry Li, CSO of Crown Bioscience, examines cycles of innovation in the Chinese life sciences industry and how they provide opportunities for global drug discovery breakthroughs. In the third article, Sy Chyi Yeoh, Director of Business Development at global regulatory service provider ELC Group, explains why the biotech sector in China is worth watching and offers advice for those keen to take advantage.