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Jul 17, 2018

The current environment for early-stage drug discovery and development is fluid and the probability of success continues to be challenging.

Advancing an idea from an academic or basic research setting into a therapeutic product that benefits patients is time- and capital-intensive, sometimes inefficient and – frustratingly often – unsuccessful. This reality has led entities in the early drug discovery and development ecosystem to utilise new alliance-based partnership models to increase their chances of success.

These new and emerging models come in many flavours, but generally seek to engage resources where they can make the biggest positive contribution and generate productive collaborations. By bolstering communication channels, engineering processes that support the collaboration goals, sharing risk and aligning incentives, these new models have the potential to increase the efficiency and success rate of drug discovery and development.

This article was written by Dr Swati Prasad, Mary Louise Bell & Dr Charles McOsker

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