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Oct 1, 2019

Technology was lauded as the saviour of the drug discovery and development process during the late 1990s. A myriad of independent companies developed and offered ‘innovative’ tools, technologies and platforms to pharmaceutical companies in order to mitigate the time, cost and risk of developing new therapeutic drugs.

However, comparative analysis of FDA-approved New Molecular Entity (NME) and New Therapeutic Biologic (NTB) annual historical numbers announced does not reflect any significant productivity enhancement impact of such efforts.

More recently there has been some attempt to amalgamate platform technologies within start-up and earlystage drug discovery and development (DDD) companies to increase drug candidate pipeline numbers. This strategy does not come without risks, but has quietly been implemented by a number of platform-DDD (PD3) companies.

Original article by Dr Urban A. Kiernan and Dr Stephen Naylor

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