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Oct 25, 2021

The latest free-to-listen DDW podcast episode covers two articles written for Volume 22, Issue 2 – Spring 2021 of the Drug Discovery World Magazine, narrated by DDW’s Megan Thomas. 

These articles are titled: “Antibody therapeutics: the other race for immunity against SARS-CoV2” and “Synthesising new solutions for small molecule antibodies”. 

In the first article, Sophie Lutter, OXGENE, looks at the important role antibody therapeutics have to play and how, as the world has looked for Covid-19 treatments in the last year, their significance has been noted. In the second, Toni Rogers and David Bunka, Aptamer Group discuss how newer antibody alternative technologies are demonstrating significant developments, offering novel solutions to improve success, decrease project timelines and produce innovative low-cost assays to small molecule targets across many sectors.