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Aug 31, 2018

Optimizing the receptor binding kinetics of new drugs can have significant benefits, ranging from improved duration of action to enhanced efficacy through the insurmountable antagonism of dynamic physiological systems. Despite this, the kinetics of new receptor ligands are rarely measured early in the drug discovery process, largely because current assays are technically difficult and relatively low-throughput.

This webinar episode will review the current methods for measuring receptor kinetics and then describe the development of a novel approach using time-resolved FRET in continuous read mode that is capable of simultaneously measuring the kinetics of hundreds of compounds. This offers the potential for placing a kinetics assay at the top of a screening cascade, negating the need to first run “IC50 curves” to assess affinity at the receptor. It also presents the opportunity to screen fragment libraries at receptors in a kinetic mode.

Sponsored by BMGLabtech & CISBio

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