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Dec 23, 2021

The latest free-to-listen DDW podcast episode is titled “Therapeutics: Changing the way we treat disease”. It covers two articles written for Volume 22, Issue 2 – Spring 2021 of the Drug Discovery World Magazine and has been narrated by DDW’s Megan Thomas. 

These articles are titled: “Avoiding double strand breaks on the CRISPR path to therapeutic discovery” and “The power of precision medicine”. 

In the first article, Nicola McCarthy from Horizon Discovery explains: Now a key pillar in the early stages of therapeutics development, the limitations of introducing a DNA double strand break mean that workflows are broadening away from CRISPR–Cas as a gene knockout technology and towards platforms that enable genetic modulation and safer genetic alterations.  

In the second article, DDW Editor Lu Rahman looks at the role precision medicine is playing in how we approach the patient and the way we treat disease.