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Feb 18, 2022

The latest episode of the free DDW podcast is titled“What do we know about lab automation?”. It covers two narrated articles written for Volume 22, Issue 3 – Summer 2021 of DDW, read by Megan Thomas.  

The articles are “What has 2020 taught us about lab automation?” and “Enhancing drug discovery with laboratory informatics and automation”.  

In 2021, the first article looked back on 2020 and Dr Patrick Courtney from SiLA consortium, Burkhard Schaefer from SiLA consortium and ASTM AnIML, and Oliver Peter from Idorsia Pharmaceuticals outlined the importance of automation in the face of global disease.  

In the second article, Laura Marozsan, Scientific Marketing Specialist at Thermo Fisher Scientific, outlines the benefits of automation in drug discovery.