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May 24, 2023

This is the latest episode of the free DDW podcast, “What’s at the forefront of innovation?” It covers three articles written for the for Volume 23, Issue 2 – Spring 2022 of DDW. They are called “Can animal genomics help find therapies for human disease?”, “Understanding and innovating in immunology”, and “Cell and gene therapies: Opportunities for innovation”. 

In the first article,  Lu Rahman spoke to Ashley Zehnder, CEO of Fauna Bio, a biotech harnessing the power of comparative and functional animal genomics to find better therapies for human disease, including neurologic, metabolic, fibrotic and cardiovascular disorders.

In the second article, Chiedzo Mpofu, Vice President, Global Medical Affairs Head, Immunology, at AbbVie, talks to Lu Rahman about our understanding of auto-immune disease and how AbbVie is continuing to innovate in this field. 

In the third article, Dr. Deborah Phippard, Chief Scientific Officer of Precision for Medicine and Anshul Mangal, President & General Counsel of Project Farma, share insight on CGTs.