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Dec 11, 2017

This episode of the Drug Discovery World podcast is part two of two episodes that give an Overview of Companion Diagnostics in the Pharmaceutical Industry, with a specific focus on business models in this episode. It is based on an article in our Spring 2010 issue, written by By Dr Stephen Naylor who is Founder, President and Chairman of MaiHealth Inc, and Toby Cole, who is Founder of Triad Group. We discuss factors in companion diagnostic adoption, the definition of companion diagnostics, stakeholders and their needs, companion diagnostic companies, deals and oncology companion diagnostics.

Please note that as this article is from 2010 some statistics etc may now be incorrect, however as one of the most popular articles on the DDW site, we still think it’s extremely relevant today.

The original article this episode is based on was written by Dr Stephen Naylor and Toby Cole. If you'd like to view the original article then follow the link below: