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Sep 4, 2018

The first results for the Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology offer insights into the time and cost of conducting replication studies in preclinical cancer biology.

While many agree that developing a therapeutic should not be pursued unless grounded in reproducible preclinical results, the costs of replication have, to date, not been considered when such studies are funded. With this first estimate of the resources required, the Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology lays the foundation for developing a research funding structure that may provide appropriate incentives for completing replication studies.

Unlike other assessments of reproducibility, the results of the Reproducibility Project: Cancer Biology are an open, growing dataset of systematic experiments. This open format is necessary for constructive discussion of reproducibility among researchers, industry leaders, policy makers, funding agencies and regulatory agencies that will shape the way preclinical research is done.

Original article by Dr Nicole Perfito, Dr Rachel Tsui & Dr Elizabeth Iorns

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