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Oct 6, 2021

The latest free-to-listen DDW podcast episode is titled “Recipe for success: collaboration in drug discovery”. 

It covers three articles: “Why collaboration matters and how to make it a success”; “Platform biotechnologies and the art of collaboration”; and “Cell painting: a vibrant future for phenotypic drug discovery”.  

In the first article, Matthew A. Clark, Chief Executive Officer, X-Chem, spoke to Lu Rahman about the company’s experience of collaboration and how it enables innovation, flexibility and problem-solving. In the second, Benedict Cross, Chief Technology Officer at Phoremost, explains that despite its competitive nature, the drug discovery sector has embraced collaboration successfully. In the third article, Dr. Alexander Schreiner, HCS Applications Leader, PerkinElmer and Dr. Martin Daffertshofer, High Content Screening Software Product Manager, PerkinElmer discuss how cell painting is being applied today in drug discovery and the current technical limitations and challenges.